Our Story

Sprawling across the pristine oceanfront in North Wildwood sits the family-owned and operated Matador Oceanfront Resort—one of the top hotels in Wildwood, NJ. Carl and Rosalie Del Monte moved to Wildwood in the 1970s to start a new life. A piece of ground at 3rd and Ocean Avenues in North Wildwood would become the home of their newest business endeavor: the Harbor Light Family Resort.
The Del Montes had zero knowledge about the motel business and had no idea what they were getting themselves into either. Even though they spent many years vacationing in Wildwood, NJ near the boardwalk, running a motel is a different animal. However, they were up to the task. Carl and Rosalie sold their home in Philadelphia, cashed out their retirement fund, borrowed money from relatives and started construction on one of the top hotels in North Wildwood, NJ in October 1978.
Fast forward to the spring of 1994. The Matador Motel, which was owned by Rosalie’s Aunt Josephine, became available. The Del Montes acquired the Matador in 1995 and thus began a new chapter for the family. On the road to becoming one of the top Wildwood resorts NJ has grown to love, the Matador has gone through extensive renovations and modernizations. It is a true family affair, managing two of the top Wildwood beach hotels with passion and commitment to a superior customer experience.

Present Day

Carl and Rosalie Del Monte spent 33 years in the motel business and raised three children in the process. Their daughter-in-law Heather manages the Harbor Light Family Resort and son Robert manages the Matador Oceanfront Resort—both renowned motels in Wildwood, NJ near the boardwalk. The Del Montes have committed themselves to continuously upgrading and improving every facet of their family businesses. Over the past four years, the family has reinvested over two million dollars in the Harbor Light Family Resort and the Matador Oceanfront Resort. It is this dedication to excellence that has allowed the family to adapt to an ever-changing business climate providing you with quality, friendly and affordable service.